Trigger Arrow

ACSI has a completely new concept on offer which is definitely interesting for campsites: the trendy two seater Trigger Arrow, a combination between a car and a scooter.

The Trigger Arrow has a reliable Piaggio scooter motor and has been approved for use on public roads. It can be seen in metropolises such as Barcelona, Madrid, London and Paris where it is used for sight-seeing tours.

Trigger Arrow ACSI

Additional service
ACSI is convinced that the Trigger Arrow can be an additional service for visitors to campsites who want to take a trip in the surrounding area and who would rent a Trigger Arrow to do so. The Trigger Arrow can also be used by the campsite owner or a member of staff to drive over the campsite.

The Trigger Arrow has a number of advantages compared to a scooter, motor or e-bike. You can talk, because you are seated next to each other, rather than behind each other, you don’t have to wear a helmet because of the three-point safety belt and it is really quite an experience. Above all the Trigger Arrow is an extremely effective promotional tool for the campsite, a moving advertisement, a “fun car”. The vehicle is an eye-catcher in itself and it can be made in any design or with the campsite logo.

Trigger Arrow ACSI

In the early summer of 2014 the so-called Camp Road Show was held in the south of Germany in Bavaria. In this event, suppliers of caravans and mobile homes meet campers on various campsites. The roadshow was organised by the renowned magazine for mobile tourism freizeitguide aktiv. 
The Trigger Arrow was critically assessed, admired and tried out. Many questions were asked concerning technical specifications, usability and comfort.

Trigger Arrow ACSI

One thing is certain. The Trigger Arrow performs well, is safe, looks good and could be a welcome addition to a campsite’s rentable objects. 

Some facts:
- 2.31x1.34x1.30 (LxWxH in metres)
- Three wheels
- Scooter technology
- Scooter driving wheel (including throttle and brake)
- From 16 years
- Sufficient room for luggage for daytrips
- Maximum speed 45 km per hour
- Safe because of three point safety belt and supports at side and back
- Motor is Piaggio Vespa 50cc
- 4.5 bhp
- More than 7 litres tank capacity (Euro 95)

More information:

Telephone 0031 (0)488 471 430