Media packages

About the media packages

Campsites have the opportunity to sign up to a media package*. The media package includes a combination of online and offline promotion to attract the camper to your campsite in a variety of ways. Consider online promotion on, in the ACSI Campsites Europe app or offline promotion in the ACSI FreeLife magazine (circulation 39,000) and the Start2Camp magazine (circulation 100,000). There are also a number of promotional elements that are linked to participation in ACSI Booking.

You can choose from three media packages: Comfort, Deluxe and Premium. 

Contents of the media packages

You will find details of the contents of each media package below:

* If you have an advertisement of min. 1/16 bl/w in ACSI Campinggids Europa 2018 or min. 1/4 bl/w in ACSI Campingführer Europa 2018.

Explanation of media packages

• Extra photos: the number of photos you can include on and in the ACSI Campsites Europe app in addition to the number of photos the advertiser already receives with the advertisement.
• Social Media icon(s): a link to your campsite’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and/or Pinterest.
• Video: a video on the details page.
• Comprehensive campsite description: Using the USP’s of your campsite and the input of the ACSI inspector, a text will be written and placed on the detail page of your campsite on This text replaces the standard campsite description that is normally shown to the left of the photo.
• Ranking factor: Purchase of a media package counts in the ranking on and in the ACSI Campsites Europe app.
• Campsite of the week at regional level: a promotional spot for campsite(s) of the week on and the ACSI Campsites Europe app**.
• Quote from rating: per language you can choose one sentence from a camper's review. This sentence will be shown as a camper quote on
• Quote from campsite owner: On the campsite detail page of, a quote from the campsite owner will be shown in four languages (Dutch, English, German and French).
• Prominent position on the map: a more prominent presentation on the map on and in the ACSI Campsites Europe app for all bookable campsites, with up to date availability.
• Entry in the ACSI FreeLife magazine: an entry of your campsite in an appendix of ACSI FreeLife magazine, edition 1. Campsites with a premium package will also get an entry in another edition of the ACSI FreeLife magazine.
• Entry Start2Camp: An entry of your campsite in the Start2Camp magazine that will be included with the ACSI FreeLife magazine. It is also distributed at fairs, roadshows, in various targeted magazines, and can be ordered in the ACSI Webshop. Total circulation: 100,000. Your campsite will also be shown on the Start2Camp website.
• ACSI flag: you will receive a free ACSI flag as promotional material on your campsite.
• ACSI table flag: you will receive a free ACSI Table flag as promotional material on your campsite.

** The promotional spot for the campsite(s) of the week in the ACSI Campsites Europe app can be seen if the user has an internet connection.